Stories of Hope

the rivera family

Facing Challenges Wrought By The Pandemic, Helping Communities

By Elisha Brown, Sara Aridi, Masha Goncharova and Remy Tumin


Catholic Charities of the…

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Ignacia Gonzalez working with fabric

Sewing for Pope Francis: A Beautiful Dream

In the twelve years Ignacia Gonzalez has toiled in the United States she has had no experience like the one she is having now, she says, not even close…

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Manuel Rosario, 85, was a volunteer at a New York City food bank for two decades.

Accustomed To Helping Others, Now They Are In Need

In pandemic’s grip, concerns about food insecurity are compounded for older Americans.


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Immigrant Teens Realize Major League Soccer Dreams

On Orangeburg’s green rolling hills, 90 immigrant teens joined major league soccer player Alexander Callens at the New York City Football Club’s…

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William is happy to be back with his father

Immigrant Son Reunited With Dad

Dressed in a blue t-shirt decorated with monster trucks, his brown eyes round and trusting, William, 4, gives the cheese sandwich he is eating in the…

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group dancing merengue

Merengue Dance World Record Set

Shimmying back and forth, left to right with 360-degree spins, children and adults from Catholic Charities NY’s Alianza Youth Services helped land the…

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A Tale of Two Islands

Nearly 100 days after Hurricane Maria plowed through Puerto Rico on September 20, leaving much of the U.S. territory in ruin, the head of Catholic…

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Ester Breaks the Barrier of Blindness

For Ester Benjamin, darkness, caused by vision loss, descended when she was sixteen.  Nearly 30 years later, light finally burst through when she stood…

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Chef Bianca Anderson pulling out her vegetable spiralizer

Health Food Fair for the Hungry

Why a health food  fair for the hungry?  

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Herodidta Valentín Martínez with her son Jashua

A Father Figure Dies, Bills Pile Up

Jashua Valentín woke up to his mother’s anguished cries. She usually helped him navigate his one-hour trip to elementary school in the Bronx, but on…

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backpack and school supply give away

Preparing for School in Struggling Communities

There’s no greater gift than giving back to the community that you serve and for me, the Back-to-School Catholic Charities cohosted in the Hunts Point…

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Sebentu Aynu Kidane with her husband, Melake Gebreselase, eating a meal of injera

Family Torn Apart Reunited

For more than a century The New York Times has spotlighted New York’s “Neediest Cases” and for more than a decade I’ve had the honor to meet some of…

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Riding the Rails with Msgr. Sullivan

Riding the Train with the Homeless

If you’re like me and take the E train to work, you’ve noticed the continuous amount of homeless people on it. That’s because the E train is completely…

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Catholic Charities Awarded for Supportive Housing

The St. Augustine Project marks a very special moment in the South Bronx. The project is part a commitment to build 1,000 units of affordable over the…

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Silas Waller in the park

Longing For Stability After A Childhood Spent In Hospitals

A genetic disorder has dominated large portions of Silas Waller’s life. Getting to college at first required a wheelchair and two buses, but he was…

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