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Promoting holistic growth 

These programs promote re-entry to school, academic achievement and development of a post-graduation plan that may include college and/or employment. We also plan field trips to colleges for high school students to provide exposure and promote interest in post-secondary education.

Community Schools

CCCS’ Alianza Division operates two Community Schools: one at the High School for Media and Communications, and another at the High School for Health Careers and Science — both located at the George Washington Educational Campus in Washington Heights. 

Each high school partners with CCCS in an integrated and collaborative way that focuses on academic improvement, health and mental health services, social services, expanded after-school learning opportunities, and extensive parent and community engagement. Our model emphasizes the importance of students’ social and emotional health and the development of healthy interpersonal relationship skills and competencies. 


Learning to Work

The Learning to Work (LTW) program helps high school students resolve issues so that they can successfully complete academic requirements towards graduation. It helps them understand their educational opportunities after graduation and gives them the tools to find rewarding employment. 

Our dedicated staff offer students academic support and confidence building opportunities.  
Specialized curriculum introduces them to careers and educational possibilities they might never have considered. Work preparation, skills development, and internship opportunities help them want to stay in school and prepare for life after high school.